Funeral of Archbishop Peter Smith, 30 March 2020

St George’s Cathedral, Southwark I imagine that Archbishop Peter has a wry smile on his face concerning the funeral liturgy we are celebrating for him today. With straightforward faith, and seasoned humanity, he never really enjoyed the pomp and limelight that can accompany ecclesiastical high office. No matter how splendid the occasion, Archbishop Peter maintainedContinue reading “Funeral of Archbishop Peter Smith, 30 March 2020”

Dedication of St Joseph’s Church, Borough Green, 1 Feb 2020

Dear Friends Today’s beautiful Liturgy of the dedication of this church and altar involves the most ancient signs and symbols of our Christian Faith. These are forever bound up with that first Covenant, that first saving contract God made with the People of Israel, which was fulfilled in the New Covenant made in Christ, theContinue reading “Dedication of St Joseph’s Church, Borough Green, 1 Feb 2020”